You've probably seen Janine on television or the cover of my book. Thanks in large part to LynFit, she is an entirely new person, inside and out—that's real transformation. In fact, she recently said, "I feel like I'm learning how to live all over again, but this time in a skinny person's body."

What makes Janine's story even more of a miracle? It's the fact that 95 percent of people who lose weight gain it back. I'm happy to report that this is not a LynFit statistic, and Janine has not only maintained her weight loss, but she is also thriving with it. — Lisa Lynn

If you had to put a title to your weight loss story, what would it be?
"Discovering Me"

What is your favorite LynFit metabolic boosting weight loss recipe?
My favorite/staple shake is simply a coffee latte with nutmeg and cinnamon every morning without fail. But my success is that the versatility of recipes with the shakes, breads, and desserts enable me to keep on track and built in forgiveness when I struggle.

What is your favorite LynFit supplement to use, and why? How has it helped you?
Thyro-Boost, Omega 3, Power Shot, and Recovery Agent. 
Why? My body is riddled with inflammation from autoimmune and arthritis, and I need the benefits of the anti-inflammatory benefits. But, I also need and use the entire program to keep me moving at 51-years-old and beyond.

Did you encounter any obstacles? If so, how did you overcome them?
When I stop reaching for more or the next level, or if I don’t take time for myself physically, emotionally and spiritually first, I struggle. This is where obedience to the shake in the morning, combined with my Christian devotionals and cardio set me up for success for the day. Every time I step off this framework I fall, and every time I step on the program it never fails.

How has your life changed since you lost weight?
I’m ALIVE and healthier! Five years ago I thought I would be dead by now. I am grateful and although I forget at times, I know I am a miracle. The positive impact has affected every aspect of my life—numerous and overwhelming. Even my daughter has been influenced. I feel better than I have in my entire life.