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The Metabolism Solution by Lisa Lynn

"The Metabolism Solution" is a culmination of Lisa Lynn's own experience and research from the past three decades in discovering specific foods, science based supplements, exercise techniques and relationships that can speed your metabolism for radical weight loss.

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LynFit Metabolic Boosting Egg White Protein

LynFit Egg White Protein is an all-natural whole food powdered egg white that comes from non-GMO eggs, sourced exclusively from U.S. farms. The fresh eggs are processed into a powder in under one day to retain the highest nutritional value. All vital nutrients are retained in their purest form along with a complete amino acid profile.

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LynFit Lose 1 Pound Per Day System

Designed for extremely slow metabolisms to help break through weight loss plateaus. The Lose 1 Pound Per Day System contains all the essential weight loss tools needed to rev up the fat-burning process and facilitate rapid weight loss, control hunger, and elevate metabolism. 

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LynFit Metabolic Boosting Workout System DVD Set

LynFit's Metabolic Boosting Workout System is a complete system that's specifically designed to help you lose weight, melt off stubborn body fat, lose inches, firm and tighten loose skin, and reshape your entire body and posture into a leaner, more defined, less bulky look that will keep your body in pain-free working order.

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LynFit Complete Protein Advanced Non-GMO

LynFit Non GMO Complete Protein Advanced Whey is the cleanest and purest high-quality whey you can find. It tastes so good you'll be craving it. Drinking a Complete Protein Shake for breakfast and lunch is the fastest and easiest way to lose weight.

Accelerator Advanced

LynFit Accelerator Advanced Metabolic Enhancer

LynFit's Accelerator Advanced is a safe, all-natural, yet highly effective fat burning metabolic enhancer that makes losing weight faster and easier by helping to control your appetite, especially during cravings for sugars and carbohydrate-containing foods.


LynFit Prebiotic Whey Protein Bars

LynFit Lean Bars are not your typical protein bar. They are specifically geared for weight loss and metabolic boosting. They are made with high-grade whey that boosts your metabolism versus sugar and carbs that slow your metabolic rate and feed fat cells, so they never leave.

Raspberry Ketone Cleanse & Restore

LynFit Raspberry Ketone Cleanse & Restore

LynFit Raspberry Ketone Cleanse and Restore is a pure, high-quality grade, extra gentle and safe, lab tested combination cleanse and restoring weight loss product. Inspired by pure nature and perfected by LynFit Nutrition. Now with more acidophilus than ever before in a new and improved formula.

LynFit Cutting Edge

LynFit Cutting Edge Fat Loss Optimizer

Achieve the best possible weight loss results with LynFit's Cutting Edge, an all natural, stimulant-free blend that prompts the body to burn fat and carbohydrates more efficiently. It acts as a shuttle pulling fat into the cells to be burned as fuel helping to melt fat faster and easier.

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LynFit Pure Omega 3 with DHA and EPA

LynFit Pure Omega 3 is a medical grade omega-3 fatty acid supplement that is the purest and most potent rapid release soft gel first fish oil supplement on the market, with or without a prescription. Pure Omega 3 is molecularly distilled for better absorption, optimum purity, and geared specifically for weight loss and cleansing. Inspired by nature, perfected by LynFit!

LynFit Daily Power Shot

LynFit Daily Power Shot Advanced Multivitamin

LynFit Daily Power Shot is loaded with the highest quality vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to maintain optimum health and generate elevated energy levels to maximize exercise and weight loss efforts. It provides over 90 essential minerals in a great tasting liquid formula.

DBoost Drops

LynFit Vitamin D3 Boost Non-GMO Liquid Drops

LynFit Liquid D3 Boost Advanced with Beta-Glucans is a Non-GMO premium quality, all natural vitamin D3 nutritional supplement that is the perfect way to nourish your body without harming your weight loss. Simply put, if you want the best, this is it. There are significant health benefits to supplementing with vitamin D, especially when trying to lose weight and melt belly fat.

LynFit Recovery Agent

LynFit Recovery Agent Natural Pain Relief

LynFit Recovery Agent brings you the most advanced natural relief for joint pain, body aches, and ailments associated with arthritis, bursitis, and tendonitis. It is safer and more effective than over-the-counter pain medications that can lead to stomach irritation and liver damage over time.


LynFit Thyro-Boost with Ashwagandha

LynFit Thyro-Boost is a unique, Non-GMO, custom blended liquid supplement specifically designed to help fight symptoms of an underactive thyroid while reigniting your metabolism, allowing you to feel better fast. All-natural cutting-edge product that combines the most important potent ingredients all backed by scientific research.

Lean Sleep

LynFit Lean Sleep with Melatonin

LynFit Lean Sleep is a drug-free sleep aid for the occasional sleeplessness that can contribute to abnormal fat storage. Lean Sleep promotes restful sleep and better overall health while reducing anxiety that causes fat to be stored. It is specifically designed for weight loss.

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LynFit Daily Joint Recovery & Repair

LynFit Daily Joint Recovery & Repair helps alleviate joint pain or stiffness as a result of arthritis, osteoarthritis or wear and tear on the body caused by overuse or aging. Its unique; one-of-a-kind formula helps quickly reduce and block pain and inflammation by providing the essential nutrients needed to restore healthy joint function in the knees, wrists, hips, and shoulders.

These tools will help you stay on track after the Challenge and make your changes permanent. After all, whatever takes the weight off is also what keeps it off!